A Troubled Mind


A few unanswered calls, a broken pane,
The windows shuddering from the battering rain,
No encouragement from the mentally sane,
As she just withers away in pain

Trees gossip, words familiar, though unclear,
Words of caution, because insanity is near,
They don’t care that she can hear.
No value for her silently shed tear.

Crouched in pain, darkness above,
Heart scorched from deprivation of love,
there’s no future, only here and now,
Life hurts, it’s one mighty shove.

Doctors come, and in vain, doctors go,
the doorbell is tired, but she’s sticking to no.
They don’t understand, it’s beginning to grow,
louder than ever, interrupting her show.

He’s right here, sitting next to me,
I know, I’ve heard it before, you can’t see,
If I hold his hand, he’ll set me free,
By sending me high above, to recreate destiny


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