Unconditional Love


Welcome to the article about the most difficult job in the world!
Ask a mother who spent all day cleaning up after her toddler.
She’ll tell you.
Ask a father who just paid off his daughter’s credit card bills.
He’ll let you know.
Parenting is hard. It’s also thankless and involves a life long contract. But ask your parents if they regret having you and they’ll tell you that if they had a chance to turn back time they would definitely make the same choice.
So, what is it that makes parents so loyal to this ‘job’?
The answer is simple. It’s the only responsibility in life that’s born out of love.
I’m not talking about the kind of love that makes someone’s heart skip a beat. This is love that is the unending, never dying, I’ll take a bullet for you kind. It’s the kind that binds a family together.

Often, parents are troubled with questions for which there are no right answers. They are questions that arise from the constant fear of failing as a parent. But there is no such thing as a perfect parenting technique.
Some parents choose to treat their kids the way their own parents treated them.
Some choose to do the opposite.
It all boils down to perception and personal choice.
Who here is ready to say they did everything correctly?
In a household of too much lenience, the kids end up being spoilt and demanding.
In a disciplined environment, kids are too scared to express their opinions.
Often, parents fail to realize that their kids need to grow up by making their own mistakes. They create a protective shell, leading their children to believe that the world is a safe place.
Then, there are those parents who let their kids venture into the world without any precautions. They think they’re teaching their children to be independent when they’re actually exposing them.
So, how do we find the perfect balance between right and wrong, good and bad, work and fun?
Naughty children need boundaries. Pampered kids need discipline. Obedient children need appreciation.
But mostly, they all need love.
Because, when they grow up, they won’t remember the lecturing and the arguments. They’ll remember the hugs and the kisses, the smiles and the laughter and most importantly, they’ll remember that they will always have a place called home where they’re sure to be loved no matter what.

So, instead of worrying about whether they’re doing the right thing, parents should try to do what’s best for their kids. Because, after all, isn’t what every mother wants is for her child to be better than her? Doesn’t every father hope that his kid will be more successful than he himself can ever be?
Teach your children all you can, set them free, let them learn, pray for them and believe that whatever the future holds, you did the best you could.
You know that.
Your child knows that.
In the end, nothing else matters…


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