An Unveiled Threat

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The brook flows endlessly, bubbling with foam, following the cheerful chirping of bluebirds high above.
Showers of rain create tiny streams among the sharp blades of grass, eagerly running to join the brook, adding to its pleasant song, drop by drop.
The luscious leaves of the towering trees dance to the merry melody, their branches swinging in delight.

approaching closer
trespassing footsteps
unwelcome, unwanted

Nature’s tune stalls, a second unsure, at the uninvited guests stepping on their souls.
After a moment’s pause, it starts again, this time, hauntingly melancholic.
The birds screech, flapping around as the trees start to sway, inviting storm and thunder.
Taking part, the brook calls out to the wind as they together, ferociously protest the entrance of the two legged creatures.

their threatening presence,
stripping Nature
endangered existence


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