A Poke at the Pedestrians

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Dear Pedestrians,

This one is for you. Yes, you. If you’re one of those sensitive two footers, I suggest you stop reading. For those of you still here, think of this as a ‘Tribute’ from us, The Wheelers.
To start off, as politely as possible, LEAVE THE ROAD TO US!
You don’t see us wheel our way through foot paths, do you? That’s because we understand that footpaths are meant for ‘feet’ and roads are meant for ‘wheels’. Stop pretending like you don’t know that!
I don’t understand what makes you so confident that we will stop and wait while you gracefully catwalk across the roads. Just because our wheels are quick, it doesn’t mean our reflexes are!
So, don’t throw your lives in our hands. We may not be all that great at catching!
As difficult as this may be for you to take in, you do NOT have magical powers. Just because you hold your hand out while you cross the road, I will not stop my car and salute you! In fact, I will do the exact opposite!
My dearest pedestrians, I know you have common sense. But it is getting a bit rusty from lack of usage.
So, next time, look left, look right and run for your lives. Because, we’re coming for you!

Yours Sincerely,
A Frustrated Driver


8 thoughts on “A Poke at the Pedestrians

  1. Hey Shravya! Can’t thank you enough for putting these warnings so nicely and “politely”… I too am a frustrated driver and extreeemely so… hence, for fear of using, again, extreeemely colourful language with aggressive epithets, I never dared pen my warnings.


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