My most favourite memory,

Is that of your beautiful face,

But now that the days have passed,

My life has lost its grace

I remember our shy smiles,

Our reluctance at the beginning,

But that was so long ago,

Now life has lost its meaning

You used to tell me that,

I made your sorrows heal,

But the magic has vanished,

My life has lost its zeal

You made my heart flutter,

And only you had the ability,

But now it’s all over,

My life has lost its reality

I remember your pleasant laughter,

As we sat under the trees,

That seems like years ago,

My life has lost its peace

Ever since you jumped,

Ever since that fatal fall,

I have been consumed by guilt,

My life has lost it all

The Wedding


Her ring is sparkling under the sun.
Looking at her, beautifully decked up, I know that I am doing the right thing.
Her white, flowing dress falls around her neatly as she walks down the aisle, her eyes fixed on the man she is going to marry.
I wipe a silent tear, remembering my own wedding, 26 years ago.
Ours was an arranged marriage.
I had wanted to be independent.
My parents had wanted dowry.
In our struggle to decide my future, they won.
Before I turned eighteen, my marriage had been fixed.
I look at my daughter now, vibrant, an air of independence around her.
At 25, she radiates brilliance.
The man down the aisle is her boyfriend of eight years.
She made the choice that I had been too afraid to make almost three decades ago.
I remember our discussion, about five years back, when I had brushed upon the topic of marriage.
Had I been as firm as she was back then, and my parents as understanding as I am, things would be a lot different now.
Wiping away another tear, I watch as they seal their love with a kiss.
Her happiness makes me happy.

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The Ten Year Old

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At the awful sound of the crash,
My feet bounce off the bed,
I hurry down the stairs,
In fear that my mom is dead

But she lies crouched in a corner,
Our ancestral vase shattered on the floor,
My father pulls out his belt,
As he firmly bolts the main door.

As I tip-toe into the living room,
My heart pounding in my chest,
I see my mother, now being kicked,
By the father I utterly detest

I reach out for the phone,
Tell the cops my mother may be dead,
By the time I’m done with the call,
Uncountable tears have been shed

My mother’s face is red,
My father’s face, vile,
At the sound of the sirens,
On my face, a wide smile

The cops barge into the house,
See my mother on the floor in pain,
I quietly get back into my room,
And pretend to be asleep again.

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Soft, gold, velvet strands,
Sunglasses concealing blood,
Heart’s bruises hidden.

Shaky hands reach for
Metal; hardened heart, sure,
Abuse enough taken.

Door creaks wide open,
Loud crash, freedom restored.
Wide smile, happy tears.

This is an entry for the FEMFLASH 2013 writing competition from Mookychick Online. Enter now.

Life Lessons


Remember how you told me,

That life is just a game,

People are very insensitive,

Always trying to push the blame

Recall how you taught me,

That love was like a rose,

Beautiful, yet having thorns,

Keeping you on your toes

Don’t forget how you said.

A mother loves you the best,

Just asking you to be yourself,

And taking care of the rest

See how you showed me,

That humanity conquers all,

A bunch of lies will ruin your life,

But the truth won’t let you fall

Now I am completely lost,

Despite all you have taught me,

Because there’s something you forgot,

Something, I now shudder to see

So I stand at your grave,

Staring blankly into the sky,

You didn’t tell me that it was,

So hard to say goodbye

One Last Touch


It’s All So Scary,
How I love You So Much
I Try To come Closer,
I Long For your Touch

I Hold out my hand
But You Back Away
I Always Feel Unwanted,
But Mostly, Today

You Look Longingly
At My Hand Still Out
But You Chew Your Lip
I know You’re In Doubt

We Both Know You Love Me
We Know I do too
Though It’s Over Now
For Me it’ll Always Be You

We Are So Close, So Near,
Yet So Far Apart
My Hand Is Still Empty
And You’re Breaking My Heart

I Lose All Hope
And My Arm Begins To Drop
I Only Wanted One Touch
To Help The Tears Stop

Just As I Close My Eyes
Ready To Travel The Path I Chose
You Pull Me Back Gently
And Tightly, Hold Me Close

I am In Your Embrace Now
And Nothing Matters Anymore
Even As You Say You Love Me
And Walk Out The Door