One Last Touch


It’s All So Scary,
How I love You So Much
I Try To come Closer,
I Long For your Touch

I Hold out my hand
But You Back Away
I Always Feel Unwanted,
But Mostly, Today

You Look Longingly
At My Hand Still Out
But You Chew Your Lip
I know You’re In Doubt

We Both Know You Love Me
We Know I do too
Though It’s Over Now
For Me it’ll Always Be You

We Are So Close, So Near,
Yet So Far Apart
My Hand Is Still Empty
And You’re Breaking My Heart

I Lose All Hope
And My Arm Begins To Drop
I Only Wanted One Touch
To Help The Tears Stop

Just As I Close My Eyes
Ready To Travel The Path I Chose
You Pull Me Back Gently
And Tightly, Hold Me Close

I am In Your Embrace Now
And Nothing Matters Anymore
Even As You Say You Love Me
And Walk Out The Door


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