Life Lessons


Remember how you told me,

That life is just a game,

People are very insensitive,

Always trying to push the blame

Recall how you taught me,

That love was like a rose,

Beautiful, yet having thorns,

Keeping you on your toes

Don’t forget how you said.

A mother loves you the best,

Just asking you to be yourself,

And taking care of the rest

See how you showed me,

That humanity conquers all,

A bunch of lies will ruin your life,

But the truth won’t let you fall

Now I am completely lost,

Despite all you have taught me,

Because there’s something you forgot,

Something, I now shudder to see

So I stand at your grave,

Staring blankly into the sky,

You didn’t tell me that it was,

So hard to say goodbye


4 thoughts on “Life Lessons

  1. Intensely moving and beautiful. It reminds us how painful it is to be in this world and yet how rewarding and full of love it can be… x


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