Of Horrible Habits and Suffering Streets.

Before you start off, let me tell you something. If you’re one of those people that does any of the things I’m ranting about in this article, you are not going to like it. Ok, actually, you’re going to hate it. Because, let’s face facts. No one likes admitting that they’re wrong.
Fine, I’m done convincing you to leave. If you’re still here for some weird reason, you may carry on.

So, like every other day, I was driving to work, my windows down despite the blaring heat and the perfectly functioning air conditioner in my car (Blame my middle class mentality!) when I saw a man in the car next to mine, driving, all suited up as if getting ready for a big meeting. Now, before your dirty minds run wild, no, I wasn’t ogling at him, mostly because he was a gazillion years older to me, but also because of what he did next. Now, this was a sedan (Yes, status symbol…) and a posh one at that (I’m really bad at car names so we’ll skip that part!).
Slowing down, he lowered his window and stuck his head out. For an instant I thought he was one of those annoying hecklers who was going to give me a hard time because of my lack of testosterone content but, actually, he did something worse. He puckered up his lips and…
…spat on the road.
Yes, he spat.
Looking at the disgusting wet patch of goo splattered on the road, I rolled my windows up and turned the A/C on, not because of the heat but because of utter disgust. To hell with my inflated petrol bill. I had bigger things to worry about.

And this isn’t the first time I’m witnessing something this repulsive. People spitting out of buses on poor, unsuspecting souls, empty candy wrappers and crushed juice packets strewn on the streets and uncaring people stepping on them as they walk by. Wow, we’re so disrespectful.

I’m not exactly saying I’m above the rest, but I try to do my bit, picking up after others (Yes, I’m weird that way) and storing dashboards and bag compartments full of wrappers till I find bins… stuff like that.  It doesn’t take time at all, actually, just a bit of thought. Unless you have severe back pain and can’t bend. Then, stop throwing stuff in the first place.

 As for the spitting, seriously, what’s wrong with you people? Saliva is meant to gulp. And if there’s something else in your mouth, I hope to God it’s edible. If it is, three words. Gulp. It. Down. Unless it’s Chewing Gum. Then you can just stick it under your car seat (No, I’m not kidding!). If it’s not edible, then I still have three words for you. What. The. Hell?! Unless you eat Play Doh and you’re five. Then it’s acceptable. Yeah, yeah! I used to do it too. Don’t judge me.

Next time, if you see someone doing any of these things, look at them till they make eye contact with you and then make puking noises. Or just point and laugh till they want to crawl into a hole and die. Well, that is what I do. If you want to be all dignified, fine. Hmph.

You can’t expect others to respect you if you can’t respect yourself, right?

One thought on “Of Horrible Habits and Suffering Streets.

  1. Hey Shravya! My sentiments, exactly! I never gave them a shape, though!
    I loved the way you put them across! Make eye-contact and let out puking noises… yeah!? I am going do that, by God!


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