Working Hard is Not Good Enough

Picking up this book from the rack of a popular bookstore is probably one of the most intelligent reading related decisions I’ve made in my life. At first, I was reluctant, having not had more than a few hundreds to spare. But the title drew me in and I gave in to the splurging side of me. A few pages through, it was obvious that I’d definitely picked a read that was my money’s worth.


Mainly, the book is about, as the title suggests, how Hard Work is not the only necessary ingredient towards achieving success. Working hard is not a fool proof plan if it is not accompanied by working smart. Enriched with plausible examples and witty anecdotes, these lessons in everyday life as portrayed in the pages seem to come to life. The best part of his examples are how much they relate to an individual’s life and how easily one can correlate the information based on the situation he / she is in.

The usefulness of the book to any person in any stage, be it a college goer or a businessperson or even a home-maker, does not go unnoticed. There are motivational instances highlighted in the book, of people who’ve tried and failed but haven’t given up, but instead changed their ways. In no way, must this be confused for preaching, rather than a well conglomerated strip of thoughts. Captivating and rational are the two best words that can be used to describe the essence of the message in his writing. 


The author, TGC Prasad, hits upon the essential elements of life with relation to management in this interesting journey through various peaks and depths of career endeavors. Along this fascinating path to self-discovery and a more enriched lifestyle, one comes across a Eureka! Moment and that is the one thing that every reader needs to look out for.

As the last page was done, I realized that I’d come out a stronger person, waiting to test my new found information. It was clear that years of hard work would be pointless if it wasn’t accompanied by intelligent decision making and proper time management as well as focusing on inherent personality traits to use them in a way that’s more beneficial to the circumstances.

TGC Prasad states that while Hard work is the fundamental Bedrock, it is just that and nothing more. While it lays the foundation, it is not enough. What is necessary is to look beyond failures and successes and to just move ahead with a clear mind and a defined goal ahead is what is necessary in today’s time bound world of chaos and disruptions.


With his indelible intent to make a difference in the psychology of human minds, TGC Prasad nails it with precision and compassion. It is no wonder that now, with an increased fan base and a high-held reputation, his next book is going to be equally awaited, if not more.

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