A tribute to a Miracle


We both know I’m bad at expression,
So let me put it this way,
I’m lucky to have a mother like you,
So I gift you a poem on Mothers’ Day


What started off as a nine month ordeal,
Is now, shockingly, already midway,
Though to you it may seem like a lifetime,
To me it feels like yesterday


Sometimes I may scream and rant,
I may annoy you and make you cry,
But know that you mean more to me
Than all the stars in the sky


Sometimes I may curse or insult you,
Actually I do it almost every day,
But know that you’re perfect the way you are,
I wouldn’t want it any other way


Sometimes I may make you wish,
Like you didn’t have me at all,
But know that I’m so thankful,
You’re the reason I’m standing tall.


These are the things that make you, you,
And upsetting you is what makes me, me
But as these emotions become memories,
I know Guilt and regret are all I will see


I mean every word I write,
It’s not just for the sake of rhyme,
It’s the only way I can let you know,
How I feel about you all the time


So, take a breather, sit down and smile,
Because saying this out loud is impossible for me,
So, through words I’ll portray my heart’s emotion,
The words that will finally set me free


Every tear, every sigh and every word of anger,
In my mind shall forever stay,
Not as bitter memories or negative feelings,
But as emotions of love our hearts portray


I know about all the sacrifices you’ve made,
The things you’ve given up for us two,
Just remember I’ll never love anyone
As much as I’ll always love you

10 thoughts on “A tribute to a Miracle

  1. First thing that struck me was definitely the rhyme scheme! 😀
    Because this is the way in which verse occurs to me on its own!
    Not to mention, the poem beautifully talks about matters which, indeed, “…saying this out loud is impossible for me”. Beautiful. 🙂


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